With over 20 years of cemetery management experience, I can help you with all aspects of running an efficient, sympathetic service. When we take over management responsibilities for a cemetery, we are inevitably presented with a hotch-potch of practices and procedures that have evolved over time. ┬áIn a busy office there’s seldom time to devote to sorting out records; researching and implementing good practice; ensuring all Statutory requirements are being fulfilled; that Health and Safety responsibilities are fully met as well as dealing with day to day management tasks. I can look at your service, analyse all aspects and quickly write an improvement plan.

This may cover:

  • Application forms
  • Information for the public, for funeral organisers and stonemasons

Management systems for:

  • Exclusive Rights of burial
  • Memorials
  • Records
  • Assets
  • Health and safety
  • Grounds maintenance regimes
  • Maps and plans

New sources of income from Natural Burial and Gardens of Remembrance